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A patient who was born with a condition resulting in soft enamel was interested in replacing his existing teeth with dental implants. After reviewing several options with him, he elected to save his existing teeth and have them restored to their original condition with a full mouth reconstruction, involving 28 crowns.

A patient was not happy with the appearance of his front teeth. He felt they were misshapen and wanted them whiter. His six front teeth were restored with ceramic veneers and he loved his new smile!

An emergency patient presented with a chipped front tooth. He was treated the same day, and received a ceramic partial crown to replace the missing tooth structure with a natural-looking restoration that matched the neighboring teeth.

This patient wanted to improve the appearance of his teeth for television interviews. We completed a smile make-over involving 16 ceramic veneers.

A patient who frequently spoke in front of large crowds wanted to straighten his front teeth so he could smile more confidently. He was treated with Clear Aligners to straighten his teeth.

A patient needed all of her top teeth replaced. Her remaining teeth were removed, six dental implants were placed, and a full upper zirconia fixed denture was attached to the implants.

This patient was interested in options to make her teeth look better. She did not like the shape or color of her teeth. She was treated with crown lengthening to reposition her gums and lengthen her teeth, followed by 14 ceramic crowns.

A patient who had worn an upper denture for 20 years wanted to have dental implants placed to support a fixed, non-removable denture. Sinus lifts were done, followed by placement of 12 dental implants and upper and lower zirconia fixed dentures.

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