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Kids' Dentist in Walnut Creek, CA

Looking for the best kids' dentist near Walnut Creek and beyond? At Walnut Creek Dentists, our doctors believe a trip to the dentist should be fun and lighthearted — not something to fear! We understand your child's first exposure to dentistry will lay the groundwork for their approach to oral health in the future.

Our kid-friendly team loves caring for smiles of all ages. For our youngest patients, we work to ensure each child is spoken to gently and treated with respect and care. We use simple words to explain our dental procedures and make sure to include parents in the process!

Your Walnut Creek Kids' Dentist

group of children smiling at schoolOur Walnut Creek dental office is designed to be a friendly, stress-free environment for all ages! We'll always do our best to help kids stay calm and entertained throughout the duration of their visit. We offer every patient soft blankets, pillows, and even sunglasses to maximize their comfort!

Here are some of our top kids' dentistry services:

Your Child's First Dental Visit

During your child's first dental visit, our doctors will do everything they can to keep our youngest patients comfortable. Using our non-invasive imaging technology, our team will be able to take a set of 3D x-rays and other photos to get a clear picture of the state of your child's oral health.

We always emphasize easy-to-understand oral health education by providing clear explanations designed to help kids keep their teeth and gums healthy between visits.

Checkups and Preventive Care

Preventive exams are one of the most simple - and most important - ways to ensure your child’s teeth stay strong and healthy as they grow. At every preventive appointment, our doctors focus on providing kids with the proper oral hygiene tools and tips designed to help them create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

While our doctors recommend most children receive two cleanings per year, children with a higher risk of caries or the signs of early orthodontic concerns may require more frequent visits.

During every preventive checkup exam, your child’s hygienist will perform a gentle cleaning and polishing of the teeth and take any necessary x-rays. Our team will provide a teeth-strengthening mineral treatment and take time to review every finding of the exam, including any treatment recommendations.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

At Walnut Creek Dentists, we always prioritize prevention to help young patients keep cavities and plaque at bay. Even still, some small cavities may still occur. In this case, we use safe, effective tooth-colored dental fillings to treat them. Because we are an amalgam-free dental office, you can be sure your child's dental fillings will always be mercury-free!

Dental Crowns For Children

If our team discovers an area of tooth decay that is too large or severe for a filling, we may recommend a dental crown to help restore and save the tooth. In the cases of severe decay, oral injury, and extensive damage, dental crowns can be the best option for preserving the remaining tooth structure. We provide same-day dental crowns using CEREC technology. This means we can fabricate your child's custom dental crowns right here in the office, eliminating the need for temporary crowns and follow-up visits!

Tooth Extractions For Kids

While we focus on helping your child keep their teeth for a lifetime, sometimes a gentle tooth extraction will be necessary. To treat extensive tooth decay, overcrowding, or an impacted tooth, an extraction can help ensure your child's total body wellness as they continue to grow.

For teens who have been experiencing the pain of wisdom teeth erupting in the back of the mouth, Walnut Creek Dentists provides preventive wisdom teeth extractions. If you suspect your child needs their wisdom teeth removed, call us for your consultation!


Our team performs frenectomies on children who experience dysfunction in the lips and tongues related to the frenum. A frenum or frenulum is a small piece of tissue that attaches either the upper lip to the gum tissue, or the tongue to the floor of the mouth. In some children, the frenum may be attached too tightly, causing tongue-tie, impaired speech, problems with eating or drinking, pulling on the gums, and more.

During a frenectomy, our doctors will make a small incision within the frenum, to allow for greater movement of the lips and the restored function of the tongue. This simple procedure can be done in-office with a local anesthetic, producing instant results. The incision site usually heals in a few days with little to no discomfort!

Pediatric Sealants

Sealants help strengthen and protect your child’s teeth from decay by filling in the grooved biting surfaces of the teeth, making them easier to clean. Our doctors apply this light-cured material in minutes, in a simple procedure that requires no anesthesia.

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